Bienvenue / Welcome to the French langage section

Learning French is a fantastic task so I offer you the opportunity to follow my One to One tuition to improve your knowledge whatever your level, from beginners to advanced.
  • You want to improve your French langage
  • You need to learn French because of professional requirements
  • You want to perfect your grammar studying the national syllabus requirement for 11 to 16 years old students, or adults working to obtain GCSE French
  • You travel often to France and want to improve your confidence
  • You only want conversational and to be able to follow a conversation
  • You want to prepare for your holidays in France
Because I am French I can help in particular with pronounciation.
This section is dedicated to learning French with a friendly and dynamic approach.
I offer you the opportunity to follow my One to One tuition at your pace, in your home and to give you the confidence you are looking for.
My lessons use documents and exercises. See here for some examples.
I also give you documents at each lesson.
Some lessons can be done by telephone using skype or landline.

La Tour Eiffel
Isle sur la Sorgue

Quelques exemples / Some examples

In this session the aim is to learn through a dialogue how to talk about you, so how to correctly use the verb "être" in a conversation

Just click on the left to download this session in pdf format.

This session is to learn, again through a dialogue, how to talk about a situation in the past. For example this dialogue need to be finished thanks expression and construction using past form.

Just click on the left to download the first page in pdf format.

Le verbe être et le verbe avoir / To be and To have

  • I am
  • You are
  • He is
  • She is
  • We are
  • You are
  • They are (masculin)
  • They are (feminim)
The verb To Be
Present Tense
  • I have
  • You have
  • He has
  • She has
  • We have
  • You have
  • They have (masculin)
  • They have (feminim)
The verb To Have
Present Tense