Welcome to the Computer section

If you read this page, then probably you, a friend or relative is looking for help with a computer.

My 25 years of experience in computers and IT (Information Technology) can help you with everything about computers.

My One to One tuition is for beginners to intermediate level and all ages.
Unit Screen Keyboard Mouse A Beginner doesn't know:
  • How to use correctly a mouse or a paddle
  • The difference between a file and a folder
  • What a programme is and what it can do
  • What is a peripheral and what it can do
  • How to connect all devices to the computer
  • How to install software and where
  • How to protect their computer for safe internet experience
  • How to protect children for safe use
  • How to sort documents
  • How to buy on-line
  • How to manage accounts

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An Intermediate would like to know:
  • How to work faster and more efficiently
  • The difference between a file and a folder
  • How to use professional software
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • How to make the computer faster
  • How to build a site
  • How to work pictures and videos
  • How to connect the computer to a TV or a home cinema
  • How to use social network such as:
  • Facebook, Twitter, WordPress....
  • How to be more efficient and productive within their industry or company
  • How to diagnose and repair problems with a computer


Just move your mouse on the telephone and you will see what can kind of issues and questions I can answer for you.
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